The Journal of
African Policy Studies

A Publication of the Institute on African Affairs (IAA)

About Us

The Journal of African Policy Studies is an independent peer-reviwed publication of the Institute on African Affairs concerned with global, regional, and domestic policy issues relating to Africa.

The Journal's aims are:

  1. Critically and analytically assesss a wide range of issues relation to African public policy, policy institutions, processes, and policy impacts.
  2. Publish articles and review books that are relevant to both scholars and practitioners involved in policy making and doing policy analysis relevant to Africa.
  3. Disseminate findings, options, and recommendations to the relevant audience.

The Journal is interdisciplanary in scope and welcomes articles, review essays, and research notes dealing with all levels of public as they relate to Africa. These pieces may be in the form ofcase studies, comparative analysis, or theory construction. The main criteriafor acceptance of an article is that it be of high intellectual quality, original, and be focused on some aspect of African public policy, including policy, institutions processes, or policy impacts. There is no restriction in terms of policy areas.