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  Big Data as Potential Tool for Success in Developing Countries

Low-income countries (LIC) or poor countries and some medium-income countries (MIC) or developing countrieshave the least explored markets, even though they could be as profitable as in high-income countries (HIC) or developed nations, if few barriers were removed.  The purpose of this research is to present a model illustrating how governmental agencies and companies, in poor or developing countries, may benefit from the use from data analytics. Data science delivers outstanding results that can help improve business decision-making. Furthermore, big data tools can help produce reliable standards to improve effectiveness and efficiency in decision-making in an environment that does not always depend on technology in ordinary business operations.

KEYWORDS: Big data, data science Information Technology, Social Networks, Digital devices, Developing countries, Low-income countries (LIC), Medium-income countries (MIC), Economic Development.



Aurore J. Kamssu: Tennessee State University

Jean-Claude Pedjeu: Tennessee State University

Jeffrey S. Siekpe:   Tennessee State University