The Journal of
African Policy Studies (JOAPS)

A Publication of the Institute on African Affairs (IAA)

The Journal of African Policy Studies
Volume 10, Number 2 & 3, 2004

Emmanuel O. Oritsejafor
Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nigeria: A Question of Biotechnology, Environmental Conservation, or Indigenous Knowledge?

Samir S. Youssef
Efficiency Processes in Egyptian Enterprises: Current Status in a Transition Economy

Maktoba Omar and A.Vindelyn Smith-Hillman
Standardization or Modification? UK Firms' Marketing Strategy in Africa

Khaled Elmawazini
Technology Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Recent Empirical Findings - A Review

Book Reviews

Robert Dibie
Public Management and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Military-Bureaucratic Relationship
Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, 2003

Samuel Kobia
The Courage to Hope: The Roots for a New Vision and Calling of the Church in Africa
WCC Publications, Geneva, 2003