The Journal of
African Policy Studies (JOAPS)

A Publication of the Institute on African Affairs (IAA)

The Journal of African Policy Studies
Volume 3, Number 1, 1997

Tangie Nsoh Fonchingong
Multipartyism and Democratization in Cameroon

Nwafejoku Okolie and Andrew Luma
Decentralization and Agricultural Policy: The Case of Nigeria, 1976-1993

Richard Agesa
Do Firms Have Preferences in Hiring by Gender? Evidence from Kenya

Remi Clignet
The Shortcomings of Institutional Evaluations in Africa: The Case of Madagascar

Book Reviews

Economic Crisis, Civil Society, and Democratization: The Case of Zambia
By Julius Ihonvbere

International Charity for Self-Interest: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Tropical Africa in the 1980's
By Christopher M. Kimura

Environment and Sustainable Development in Eastern and Southern Africa: Some Critical Issues.
Edited by Abdel G. M. Ahmed and Wilfred Mlay