The Journal of
African Policy Studies (JOAPS)

A Publication of the Institute on African Affairs (IAA)

The Journal of African Policy Studies
Volume 5, Numbers 2 & 3, 1999

A Special Issue on Second Elections in Southern Africa

William Lindeke

Staffan Darnolf and John D. Holm
Democracy Witout a Credible Opposition: The Case of Botswana

Daniel Compagnon
Electoral Manipulation in a Neo-Authoritarian Regime: The Case Of Zimbabwe

David Pottie
Democratic Consolidation and the Normalization of Politics: Political Parties in South Africa's 1999 Elections

Heribert Weiland
Elections as a Cornerstone of Democracy: The Namibian Experience

James J. Zaffiro
Mass Media, Civil Society and Democratization in Botswana

Richard F. Weisfelder
Why fair Elections Get Fouled in Lesotho: A Search for Solutions